Early Morning Back Pain is Common and Treatable with Chiropractic Care

Early Morning Back Pain is Common and Treatable with Chiropractic CareDid you read the February 2015 edition of Arthritis Care & Research? If not, consider doing so and take a look at one article in particular. It’s titled, What Triggers an Episode of Acute Low Back Pain? The piece discusses an early 2000s, case-crossover study involving middle-aged and elderly Australians. What make the study results so interesting really has nothing to do with the triggers but the timing of them. Basically, they indicate that people are most likely to injure their lower backs before lunchtime rolls around. So, what’s that mean for back pain treatment with chiropractic care?

For starters, chiropractors may want to begin reminding patients about the importance of getting enough sleep and using proper biomechanics at all times of the day.< After all, the study pointed out that being tired, trying to work without being fully alert and improper lifting techniques are frequently responsible for lower back pain in the earliest parts of the day. According to the National Sleep Foundation’s research, most humans need anywhere from 5 to 19 hours of down time each day.

The amount varies based on age, gender, activity level, overall health and other factors. Of course once we open our eyes, it may take a few minutes to actually become fully alert.
As far as proper lifting and work techniques go, the key is to evenly distribute the weight of the object or task at hand. Otherwise, undue stress may compress spinal nerves, muscles, ligaments and discs. If a person forgets the basics and ends up with a lower back injury before noon, receiving immediate chiropractic care may help resolve the problem. For instance, spinal manipulation may straighten the body and release components that were previously constrained. To find out more about what researchers say regarding back pain and treatment with chiropractic, please contact us.

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