Are You Suffering From Subluxation Degeneration?

Subluxation Degeneration TreatmentHave you ever taken a look at an X-ray or model of the human spine? If so, you may have noticed all of the parts involved. For those that have never had the opportunity to examine one up close, there are at least seven major elements of note. Five of those elements are vertebrae, intervertebral disks, nerves, facet joints and the spinal cord. The other two major components of the spine are muscles and ligaments.

When one of those items sustains damage or moves out of place, it can impact the rest of the spine’s components. Health problems such as chronic pain can also result. Such is the case with subluxation degeneration. It is the term used to describe the progressive breakdown of the spine due to misalignment issues. The initial misalignment may be caused by an innumerable number of things including exercise related injuries.

It is generally accepted by most chiropractic professionals that the breakdown occurs in four stages spread out over the course of a person’s life span. The duration of each stage is typically dependent on the individual’s lifestyle and overall health.

The first and second stages of the degenerative process tend to go by without the individual experiencing intense discomfort. The third and fourth stages, however, are typically painful. They also tend to cause people to experience a decrease in their range of motion and quality of life. The good news is that progression from one stage to another may be slowed down, reversed or stopped with routine, chiropractic care.

Of course in order for that to occur, your Indianapolis chiropractor must first conduct a thorough examination to determine which stage of the process you are in. Once the stage has been identified, the chiropractor may then opt to use a variety of corrective techniques including spinal manipulation. To learn more about subluxation degeneration and its stages, please contact our Indianapolis chiropractic clinic today.


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