Ask a Chiropractic Care Provider: Is Myotherapy Massage a Good Thing?

Treatment for Back PainMyotherapy, also known in many chiropractic care circles as trigger point massage, has been a part of the wellness landscape since the mid 1970s. The woman behind its introduction and widespread acceptance was renowned fitness expert, Bonnie Prudden. On a side note, she’s the same woman, who along with Dr. Hans Kraus, helped convince former U.S. President, Dwight Eisenhower to create the President’s Council on Youth Fitness. Today, her legacy not only continues on through the council, it may be felt at local chiropractic offices too.

Some chiropractic care providers have onsite massage therapy teams that utilize Prudden’s time tested techniques to help people manage their chronic fatigue and musculoskeletal pain. Are you wondering which techniques she developed and why they’re revered among members of the chiropractic care community? Please allow our chiropractic care experts to share a little insight extrapolated from their years of experience providing people with chiropractic care:

Prudden’s techniques all stem from the idea that our muscles contain literal roadmaps of spots that have a cause and effect relationship with the rest of our bodies’ components. To illustrate further, think about when a person’s so called “funny bone” gets whacked hard with an inanimate object. As soon as the impact is made, the ulnar nerve begins to send a tingling sensation coursing through that person’s arm. Well, the area where the impact was made would be considered a trigger point of sorts

Sending pain speeding through the human body is not all that trigger points can do. They may also influence our bodies’ circulatory, lymph and tissue repair systems as well as its range of motion. As such, Prudden took that knowledge and found ways to use those spots’ inherent nature to improve a person’s wellness. Basically she taught chiropractors how to manipulate those areas with their hands or other tools to cause a desired effect.

That hoped for outcome may be a reduction in pain and edema or something else. To continue learning more about these trusted massage techniques and find out firsthand just how helpful they may be, please contact a local chiropractic care provider to set up an appointment

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