Chiropractic for Children: Give Baby’s Spine the Attention it Deserves

Chiropractic for ChildrenWhen a baby is first born, many parents like to examine their little darlings from head-to-toe. Oftentimes, they run across physical characteristics that give them cause for concern. For example, they could be watching the baby and notice that its spine seems to be unusually curved. Afterward, they may wonder if the curve is normal or something that requires chiropractic for children or other medical intervention.

Rest assured that like all other parts of a baby’s body, the spinal column will change over time. The curve we mentioned earlier is something that generally happens in utero to all healthy infants. It is a natural occurrence that serves several, helpful functions. For instance, it typically aids babies in achieving their respiration, digestion and temperature regulation needs.

It also allows the baby’s body to develop without any undue stress being put on to its musculoskeletal system. From the moment of birth until baby takes his or her first steps, much will happen to the spinal column and surrounding areas. As such, early chiropractic care has the potential to help reduce stress on the baby’s musculoskeletal system and ensure that everything continues growing in the right direction.

Chiropractors are also experts at identifying which infant and toddler products may help verses hurt a child’s spinal development. For example, there are car seats, prams, baby slings, strollers, cribs and carriers that may do baby’s spine more harm than good.

The same may be said for high chairs, booster seats, swings, jolly jumpers and ride-ons that children often use during the early years.

As such, expectant parents may want to speak with chiropractors before making nursery purchases or adding requests to their favorite gift registries. The majority of chiropractors are often all too happy to make baby product recommendations before and after a child’s birth.

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