Chiropractic for Seniors Can Help Address Weather Related Pain

Chiropractic Care for SeniorsAccording to a January 2014 article that appeared in the Journal of the International Association for the Study of Pain, Mother Nature can have quite an effect on seniors’ musculoskeletal health. At least that appears to be the case for elderly individuals dealing with an osteoarthritis diagnosis. In the journal article, researchers provided concrete evidence that relative humidity, barometric pressure and temperature can all cause an arthritic, elderly person’s pain to increase. So what can people do to achieve pain relief when Ma Nature is unleashing her worst? Some healthcare professionals suggest that chiropractic for seniors may provide the best solution.

In February 2012, the periodical, Chiropractic & Manual Therapies, published research completed by multiple American health professionals. It indicated that chiropractic for seniors can effectively provide pain relief and improve a person’s overall mobility. The list of specific chiropractic techniques that the researchers considered in their study included spinal manipulation and acupuncture. Both were shown to lessen arthritic pain in a person’s spine, and knees as well as help improve thoracic function.

Why does chiropractic for seniors work in situations involving osteoarthritis and the weather? To gain a better understanding of the topic, it pays to look closer at the disease. It is widely accepted that osteoarthritis is caused by stress being placed onto a body’s joints. Our joints are made up of cartilage, collagen, muscles, nerves, blood vessels and ligaments. They are naturally under pressure and some components, like cartilage, contain fluid.

When changes occur in our external environment’s barometric pressure, temperature and relative humidity, they can alter the amount of pressure that our bodies feel internally. That added pressure, in turn, can increase joint pain and swelling. Chiropractic techniques provide relief by releasing some of that internal pressure and allowing our joints to move freely again.

To learn more about chiropractic for seniors and how it can make foul weather days more manageable, please consult with your Indianapolis chiropractor.

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