Chiropractic for Seniors: What’s Proprioception Got to Do With It?

Chiropractic Care for SeniorsHave you ever been asked to close your eyes, tilt your head back and touch the tip of your nose with the tip of your finger? If so, how did you do? Although it may seem like a silly exercise, it’s actually a simple way to test one’s proprioception function. Proprioception function is the ability to know what our bodies are doing at all times. Unfortunately, it can deteriorate as we age. That’s why it is often taken into account by Noblesville chiropractors who provide chiropractic for seniors.

Before we explain how chiropractic for seniors may help reduce neuromuscular functional deficits, it is crucial to have a basic understanding of how humans achieve proprioception in the first place. For that, we need to look at our bodies’ musculoskeletal and central nervous systems. They contain receptor nerves that send information from our skin, muscles, ligaments and joints to our brains for processing. If that information gets misdirected, misinterpreted or not received at all, we are likely to sustain proprioception function deficits.

So what causes problems along the pathway? The answer is, “a lot of things.” For some, the loss may be related to medications, disease, dehydration, infection, temporary illness, inactivity or injury. It can also be brought about by the normal aging process, which brings us back to how chiropractic for seniors may impact proprioception function.

If the disruption in the senior’s sensory pathway is caused by inactivity or injury, chiropractors may help in several ways. For example, let’s assume that a senior is having trouble maintaining his or her balance. The problem could rest within the person’s neuromuscular or neurotendinous spindles. Perhaps there is a receptor in those spindles that is under stress due to an injury or overwork. A chiropractor could examine the area for those things and then provide chiropractic care designed to alleviate the stress. Once the stress is minimized or eliminated, the senior may be able to regain his or her proprioception function.

To learn more about proprioception function and how it may be altered, please call our office to schedule an appointment with our licensed chiropractor that specializes in chiropractic for seniors.

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