Common Myths About Chiropractic Care Revealed

Chiropractic CareYou’re in pain.

Perhaps it’s a catch in your neck that keeps you from turning it to one side, a wonderful affliction to have when trying to drive a car full of screaming kids in rush hour traffic to soccer practice. Or maybe you “pulled your back out” doing one of those gymnastic maneuvers that should never be done outside of high school gym class just to prove that you still have the old touch. Whatever the cause of your pain, you just want it stopped and want it stopped now.

What about trying chiropractic care?

Of course, you do have that one, slightly pessimistic, friend (who doesn’t?) that tries to dissuade you with a list of claims that make chiropractors out to be like old B movie villains. So, just what is the truth? Let’s take a look at some of the most common myths about chiropractic care in Indianapolis, IN.

Myth: Chiropractors aren’t real doctors

Probably one of the most common myths, yet also the easiest to dispel, is that chiropractors are undereducated and less qualified than medical doctors. The truth is really in the numbers. Chiropractic students undergo 4,485 hours of classroom instruction as compared with a whopping 237 hours less by other medical doctors. In fact, after 4 years of undergraduate school, chiropractors then go on to earn their doctorate after another 4 to 5 years of intensive study. Additionally, State and National board certifications must be passed to become officially licensed.

Myth: Once you go, you’ll always have to go

The truth is that many people with acute problems experience relief after just a few chiropractic visits. If you’re looking for a quick fix over the best solution, then, yes, you should probably stay away. Conversely, you may find that regular chiropractic adjustments contribute to increased vitality, improved well-being, and are actually an integral part of a healthy lifestyle. Ultimately, the choice of whether or not to continue is entirely yours.

Myth: It’s expensive

Chiropractic care is actually less expensive, when compared with most doctor’s office visits. The savings are even more significant when considering long-term treatment plans that may include medication and even surgery. Receiving a natural, healthy treatment option makes this a real bargain. Even the government is on board with this line of reasoning, as evidenced by the fact that Medicare, along with many insurance companies, cover chiropractic adjustments.

Myth: It’s only for adults

Okay, so maybe one of those soccer players we mentioned earlier are screaming because they are in pain and could benefit from an adjustment. Is it really safe for kids as well? The truth is that many children do benefit from chiropractic treatment. In fact, if that screaming kid is actually an infant, it might help to know that some studies have shown an 80-90% reduction in colic after just one chiropractic treatment.

After helping to reveal the truth about the most common myths about chiropractic care, you may very well be able to convert your slightly pessimistic friend. Your Indianapolis chiropractor will be more than happy to answer any other questions that you may have. An informed patient is a healthy patient.

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