Find Long-Term Neck Pain Relief with Chiropractic Care

Chiropractic Treatment for Neck PainThe human neck is comprised of the anterior longitudinal ligament, muscles, nerves, blood vessels, carotid arteries, disks and seven cervical vertebrae. Even though that may not seem like a lot of components, there are many things that can go wrong and cause a person great discomfort. On a positive note, neck pain relief is possible with chiropractic care.

Acute, chronic neck pain is often caused by poor body mechanics, lifestyle or injury. However, there are age-related conditions and diseases that may cause a person’s neck to hurt incessantly too. Therefore, chiropractic care for neck pain relief never fully gets underway until you Indianapolis chiropractor has determined the precise cause of the problem.

To get at the root of neck pain, it may be necessary to undergo lab work, scans, x-rays and a complete physical. That’s because sometimes neck pain is the result of cancers, serious infections, cardiovascular problems or inflammatory diseases. So, they will need to be either ruled out or treated. Once the chiropractor has pinpointed the source of a patient’s neck pain, he or she can set out to provide relief.

Neck pain relief with chiropractic care may be achieved with a series of cervical and thoracic spinal adjustments. Your chiropractor may also see fit to combine them with trigger point therapy, soft tissue therapy, therapeutic massage, inferential electrical stimulation and ultrasound. In some instances, stretching and resistance exercises may also be used in conjunction with assorted medications.

Many chiropractors choose to treat neck pain conservatively at first. They may recommend that patients try homeopathic pain relief measures and non-invasive procedures before manmade pharmaceuticals and invasive techniques. If all else fails, neck surgery may be needed to resolve the patient’s underlying problems. To learn more about resolving neck pain with chiropractic care, please reach out to a licensed chiropractor in your area.

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