Keep Charlie Horses at Bay With Chiropractic Care

Two female athletes playing beach volleyballHave you ever experienced a Charlie horse so painful that it brought tears to your eyes? Do muscle cramps in your legs occur more often than you’d like? If so, you are not alone. It is a common problem and there are various ways to find relief. But before we talk about getting rid of muscle spasms in the legs, let’s explore why they happen.

Why Do Bad Charlie Horses Happen to Good People?

The legs are obviously part of humankind’s musculoskeletal system. As such, they are impacted by our nervous and circulatory systems as well as our diets. Consequently, when nerves get compressed and blood flow is inhibited, cramps may happen. Similar may be said if we don’t provide our bodies with enough minerals, vitamins and water.

An inadequate diet, poor circulation and pinched nerves are not the sole causes of leg cramps though. They may also be brought about by inactivity or overuse. Examples include people who stand in one position or run for hours at a time. As such, people may guard against getting those types of leg cramps by altering their activity levels and changing positions often.

What Can Chiropractors Do to Keep Cramps at Bay?

The initial causes we mentioned, however, are best addressed with professional help. We’d recommend relying on chiropractic care. A skilled practitioner has the potential to help improve a person’s circulation, nerve pathways and entire musculoskeletal system in numerous ways. As a consequence, muscle cramp frequency and related episodes of pain are significantly reduced. Clearly it also stands to reason that chiropractic care may resolve existing, persistent muscle cramps too.

If your Charlie horses tend to happen at night, a chiropractor may check to see if restless leg syndrome is to blame. It is a fairly common disorder of the central nervous system and chiropractic care may help to resolve it as well. Additional items chiropractors often recommend for their restless leg syndrome patients are compression socks, therapeutic massage, heating pads, sleep supplements and assorted medications.

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