Studies Say Chiropractic for Seniors Provides Marked ADL Improvement

Chiropractic Care for SeniorsA study published in the March/April 2014 issue of the Journal of Manipulative and Physiology Therapy proves that when it comes to chiropractic for seniors, positive outcomes are certainly possible. The study focused on a senior’s ability to complete activities of daily living both before and after chiropractic care.

It also compared those results to that of seniors who relied on other forms of care in lieu of seeing a chiropractor. The results confirmed that chiropractic is just as effective as other methods. Plus, it’s largely non-invasive.

Increased ability to complete activities of daily living isn’t the only area where seniors benefit from receiving chiropractic care. The same journal published additional studies in their and November/December 2013 issues that showed marked improvements in lower body functions, instrumental activities of daily living, mental health and patient satisfaction among elderly, chiropractic patients.

So, by solely visiting a chiropractor or combining chiropractic visits with other medical treatments, seniors may enjoy higher quality lives.

But the good news about chiropractic for seniors doesn’t end there. Medicare, Medicaid, Veteran’s Administration Benefits and the Affordable Care Act’s EHB provision generally all cover some costs associated with chiropractic care. In addition, many plans do not require copayments or prior approvals from seniors who wish to take advantage of a chiropractor’s services.

The only downside is that some insurance policies limit the number of chiropractic sessions that they’ll pay for during a given year or restrict which chiropractic treatments are covered.

Nonetheless, the scientific evidence is clear. Seniors seeking to live better lives should certainly make use of a chiropractor’s services whether they’re fully covered by insurance plans or not. Doing so will help them remain mobile, happy, independent and able to continue enjoying all of the activities that they’re accustom to participating in. To discover more benefits, click here.

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