Understanding How Chiropractic Care Lowers Healthcare Costs

Save Money with Chiropractic CareFor those approaching older age, it can be challenging to find ways which reduce the overall cost of healthcare. A large proportion of the costs associated originate from hospitalization or being forced to live in a retirement facility with medical specialization capabilities. Routine chiropractic care lowers healthcare costs in a variety of ways, from lowering pain to increasing mobility. According to Dynamic Chiropractic, “Patients who received chiropractic or physical therapy had lower total health care costs and were less likely to have surgery than demographically similar Wellmark members who did not receive such services, and overall, 89 percent of all patients receiving physical medicine services reported improvement of at least 30 percent within 30 days.” By learning more about how routine chiropractic treatment can lower healthcare costs, it should be possible to decide if implementing a consistent regimen into your or a loved one’s lifestyle is necessary.

Back Pain

The first action that those who suffer from debilitating back pain typically elect to take is making a visit to the doctor. The standard procedure in such an instance typically involves the taking of x-rays and an examination by the physician. If the pain is ongoing and not remediated by typical pain medication, it can lead to hospitalization and even surgery. Even with insurance, this may cause very costly medical bills. Routine Indianapolis chiropractic treatment can not only prevent back pain from occurring in the first place, but may also reverse its course once it has begun. Once back pain begins, it can lead to less activity, poor posture and inability to stretch which slowly cascades into a progressively worsening condition.


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