What To Expect With A Chiropractic Care Visit

Chiropractic CareIf you have never been to a Noblesville chiropractor you probably have no idea what to expect. Many do not visit unless they are suffering and cannot find relief. However, pain isn’t a requirement. Chiropractors treat unnoticed problems you may not even be aware of. For instance, that annoying minor headache you seem to have often, or that catch you get in your back from time to time don’t have to be a part of your routine. Chiropractic care promotes an overall healthy lifestyle. So if you think a visit is in your future we will go over what you can expect at your first appointment.

When you first arrive you will be asked to fill out forms on your personal history and insurance. Chiropractic is most often covered by insurance at least for a specific number of visits in a given period of time. You will also be asked about daily activities, routines and any issues you are having.

The physical exam will consist of routine checks like blood pressure and heart rate along with checking reflexes and doing various orthopedic and neurological tests. If you have a specific complaint of pain, diagnostic tests like an MRI or an X-ray may be needed.

Wear comfortable clothing that you won’t feel awkward in. For example, you could be asked to show your range of motion by bending your knee while lying down on the table. Sometimes a chiropractor will have you wear a gown and be draped.

At your first appointment you will probably receive an adjustment. During the adjustment there may be popping and cracking sounds as the chiropractor manipulates the spine with pressure. He or she will map out a plan of care for at home, and will determine the number of visits you require if it is for something more specific than just routine care. Other modes of treatment such as ice, massage, ultrasound or exercises and stretching may be included. A typical first time appointment lasts less than one hour.

You will usually feel at least some relief with the first appointment, though some mild soreness or headaches may be experienced for a day or two.

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