Chiropractic for Auto Injuries: Don’t Let Rear-End Collision Pain Persist

Chiropractic for Auto Accident InjuriesCan you name one part of the body that often gets injured during rear-end, side and head-on motor vehicle collisions? According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety and the Highway Loss Data Institute’s research, the answer is the neck. Over the years, steps have been made to help reduce the amount and severity of such injuries. However, they haven’t prevented them completely. On a positive note, chiropractic for auto accident injuries is available.

When a person sustains whiplash or similar injuries, it generally involves at least one of six different parts of the neck. The list includes a person’s cervical muscles, ligaments, soft tissue, nerves, discs and intervertebral joints. Depending on the severity of the impact and which of those six areas are affected, a person may experience chronic pain in the neck, head, shoulders and back. It may be accompanied by other health problems too, like cervical headaches, vertigo, moodiness, chronic fatigue and cognitive impairments.

A Indianapolis chiropractor will typically meet with an auto accident victim and conduct an overall exam first to ensure that there are no other injuries or health problems of note. Afterward, a plan of recovery will be set into motion that may take several chiropractic sessions spread out over a period of weeks or even months to complete. The chiropractor will often encourage the person to undergo spinal manipulative therapy first followed by pain management, strength training, physical therapy and body mechanics related treatments.

If those treatment options fail to yield results, more invasive care may need to get underway. And that list could include radiofrequency neurotomy therapy, surgical intervention or various series of injections. The list of injections may include, but doesn’t end with those that are designed to penetrate the facet joints or spinal canal. To ask questions about these and other chiropractic interventions designed to address auto accident injury concerns, please call our office today and schedule a consultation with our experienced chiropractor.

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