Keeping Kids Fit: Back pain is becoming an increasingly common complaint in children

Chiropractic for KidsIs your child’s backpack hurting his or her back? Is that heavy bag causing your teenager’s scoliosis? Can bad posture cause back pain? These are common questions from parents as we see our kids come and go to school with their many books and supplies.

In the past, back pain was an uncommon complaint in children. However, the complaint has increased over time and now we see that back pain affects up to 50 percent of children by the time they are 20 years old.

Most back pain in children is muscular pain, such as sprains and strains. This type of pain is often related to overuse or poor mechanics and usually involves the muscles surrounding the spine. It can worsen with twisting or heavy lifting. Other potential contributors include very soft mattresses; inadequate sports equipment, such as poorly cushioned sports shoes or incorrectly positioned bike seats; and obesity. Lastly, it is also important to consider depression, anxiety and other psychosocial concerns that can manifest with muscular back pain.

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