Chiropractic for Headaches: The Best Choice for Split Second Pain Relief

Chiropractic for Headache PainYou wake up and your head feels like it’s ready to burst. The light emanating from the lamp on your bedside table is only making the situation worse. And you feel too awful to roll out from underneath of the comforter and slap your bare tootsies onto the bedroom floor. “Now what’s wrong with me?”, you may wonder aloud. Well, you could have one of several different types of headaches that may be treated with Indianapolis chiropractic care.

For the most part, headaches are divided up into distinct categories primarily based on their symptom and underlying causes. The list of most recognized classifications includes, but isn’t confined to inflammatory, tension, cervicogenic, traction and vascular. Chiropractors most assuredly excel at dealing with the first four because they all have to do with a person’s musculoskeletal system. The last type (vascular), as you might have assumed, has to do with the circulatory system instead.

In order to ascertain which type of headache is to blame for your discomfort, a chiropractor will have to do a bit of detective work. This typically involves a hands-on and visual examination of the spine and neck. They are two areas that have long been proven to spur the onset of tension, inflammatory, cervicogenic and traction headaches. So the majority of experienced chiropractors will focus on those potentially problematic areas first before moving on to others.

Should the spinal column or neck areas be to blame, the pain may be almost instantaneously resolved with manual or equipment generated manipulation. In cases where pain relief is not immediate, the chiropractor may suggest that additional measures be taken. They may include taking prescription pharmaceuticals as well as nerve blocking injections.

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