Chiropractic for Weather Related Headaches: Don’t Suffer Through Spring!

Chiropractic for Weather Related Headaches: Don’t Suffer Through Spring!For many Americans, spring’s arrival has signaled the start of severe headache pain. There are many reasons for this including increased pollen levels, alterations in natural light, high humidity, elevated air temperatures and changes in barometric pressure. They all play a unique role in how our bodies adjust to seasonal changes. Let’s take our circulatory systems as examples:

It is no secret that blood flow can help or hinder headache development. Unfortunately, blood flow may be altered by situations involving elevated air temperatures, high humidity and barometric pressure too. That’s why the switch from winter to spring often spells disaster for people prone to being on the receiving end of headache pain. On a positive note, local chiropractors have the ideal headache cures for people grappling with spring’s arrival. So, let’s talk a bit about why chiropractic for headaches is potentially the most effective, efficient treatment option available.

Doctors of Chiropractic have been trained to fully understand how our musculoskeletal system interacts with internal and external forces. Thus, they know how to manipulate bones, muscles, ligaments and tendons in ways that increase blood flow to the brain and help correct chemical imbalances. A good example is serotonin, which is commonly found in humankind’s blood platelets. Healthcare practitioners widely agree that changes in serotonin levels may bring about or exacerbate headache pain. Consequently, when chiropractors take steps to alter cerebral blood flow they also change a body’s serotonin levels for better or worse.

With that said, neck and spinal manipulations may be all that’s needed to keep weather related headaches at bay. However, some Doctors of Chiropractic may also recommend that their patients eat foods rich in tryptophans, vitamin B-6 and carbohydrates as well as exercise regularly. They are all known to help weather related headache sufferers too. To learn more about combating spring headaches with chiropractic care, please click here.

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