Chiropractic for Sciatica Pain

Chiropractic for SciaticaDo you frequently experience shooting pains in your lower back, posterior and legs? Perhaps your legs feel weak when you stand or walk. Maybe you are experiencing episodes of incontinence as well. If so, you may have injured your sciatic nerve. Considered by many to be the largest nerve in the human body, it runs from the spinal cord to the legs. It also connects to five other nerve roots throughout the body. Thus, when it is injured, a cavalcade of health problems may occur, including severe pain. The good news is chiropractic for sciatica pain can provide some relief.

Before providing chiropractic for sciatica pain, a Indianapolis chiropractor will conduct an in-depth analysis of your body’s neuromuscular-skeletal system to determine where the nerve damage is located. This is a crucial undertaking because of the nerve’s length, important functions and the other components that come into play. As such, techniques that the chiropractor may use during the analysis are manual manipulation of the spine, CT scans, myelograms, MRIs and X-rays. It is also not uncommon for chiropractors to include nerve conduction velocity procedures in the evaluation phase as well.

While completing the analysis, he or she will unquestionably look for areas of compression, deterioration and injury. Some of the situations that are normally associated with sciatica pain are spondylolisthesis, herniated discs, lumbar spinal stenosis, cauda equine syndrome and piriformis syndrome. However, they are clearly not the only conditions related to sciatica pain.

Once the problem areas are thoroughly identified, a chiropractic for sciatica pain treatment plan may be formulated. That care plan’s components will partially depend on the severity of the damage and co-morbidities involved. Treatments typically included in sciatica related care plans are routine chiropractic visits, epidural steroid injections, physical therapy, OTC pain relievers and hot/cold therapies. In other situations, surgical procedures like microdiskectomy, laminectomy and diskectomy may be warranted.

During the chiropractic visits, those suffering from sciatica pain may be given advice on exercises too. In general, the exercises involved are designed to improve posture, relieve pressure, build muscle strength and increase a person’s range of movement. To learn more about them and chiropractic for sciatica pain, please contact our Indianapolis chiropractic office and set-up an evaluation.

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