Chiropractic for Scoliosis: A Non-Invasive Option with Proven Results

Try  a non-invasive procedure for scoliosis in Noblesville, INShould chiropractic for scoliosis be considered in this day and age? In a word, “Yes.” There have been compelling studies over the years which indicate it has the potential to be very effective in adults and children

The types of chiropractic treatments suggested by the studies’ organizers vary. Some recommend spinal manipulation to correct Cobb angles and others suggest treatments like whole body vibration therapy.

Whole body vibration therapy has been around since the 1860s and is used by more than just chiropractors. In June 2013, study results were published in the online edition of Scoliosis magazine.

The results showed that whole body vibration therapy, in conjunction with spinal manipulation, therapeutic massage and other chiropractic care techniques can be effective at treating scoliosis in adolescents. Other studies have shown it to be successful at treating cerebral palsy, fibromyalgia and osteopenia.

So, why are chiropractic treatments for scoliosis successful in certain cases? Experts widely agree that the disease involves abnormal curvature of the spine, which is an area often treated by chiropractors.

What they don’t always agree on is the reasoning behind the formation of those unusual curvatures. There are those experts who believe the disease is congenital and some who think it’s caused by neurological disorders or early trauma.

Lending to the debate is the fact that people can contract the disease at various stages in their lifetimes. Some are born with it and others don’t show signs until they are teenagers or adults. As such, chiropractic care has been effective in treating some cases of idiopathic, neuromuscular and congenital scoliosis because all cases aren’t the same.

Nonetheless, it is an invasive treatment for scoliosis that should be considered in the majority of cases before surgical intervention is discussed. To learn more and find out if a loved one’s scoliosis will respond to chiropractic care, please contact us today.

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