Chiropractic Treatment for Adult Scoliosis

Try a non-invasive procedure for scoliosis in Noblesville, INScoliosis is often thought of as a child’s condition. Most cases of scoliosis are diagnosed during childhood. It appears to be an inherited or congenital condition in most cases. It’s fairly common, with around 2% of individuals affected at age 16. Children may be treated with braces or surgery, but neither treatment is curative. All of those children grow up and become adults with scoliosis.

Childhood Onset
Scoliosis causes a great deal of pain and disability in the adult population. For example, one series found that almost 60% of adults with childhood-onset scoliosis had back pain, and the severity of the pain increased with the severity of the scoliosis. As people age, their childhood-onset scoliosis can worsen.

Adult Onset
As people age, some develop cases of adult-onset scoliosis. Abnormal sideways curves aren’t a typical feature of aging, but do develop in some individuals. When they form, they can result in back and leg pain, stooped posture, and difficulty in walking. As the curves progress, individuals may suffer difficulty in performing many activities of basic living, and some even have trouble breathing.

Treatments for adults suffering from scoliosis-related problems are limited. Braces can sometimes be helpful. Physical therapy to strengthen the muscles supporting the back can sometimes improve symptoms. Decompression or fusion surgery is occasionally performed.

Chiropractic for adult scoliosis has been proven to be quite effective. Not only does it relieve symptoms, it also slows the progression of the curvature. In some cases it has been shown to reverse the progression of a curvature.

A typical program of chiropractic treatment for adult scoliosis will consist of gentle spinal manipulation. It will also include a targeted exercise program to strengthen the muscles around the spine. Some of the exercises will be conducted in the chiropractor’s office and others will need to be completed at home.

The spinal manipulation should improve some symptoms almost immediately. It takes time to re-build muscle, so the effect of the exercise program won’t be felt for several months, perhaps as long as six months. However, it’s well-worth the effort. Patients can expect to have their pain and disability dramatically reduced.

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