Advantages of Routine Spinal Adjustments

Chiropractic CareRoutine spinal adjustments are an important part of maintaining the posture and spinal orientation necessary for a healthy and independent lifestyle. Whether you are looking to treat already existing issues or prevent them from occurring in the first place, routine adjustment of the spine by an experienced Indianapolis chiropractor may be a great course of action to take. By learning more about spinal adjustment, deciding if it is right for your needs should be possible.

Little Side Effects

With other treatment options for back pain such as over-the-counter inflammation reducers or narcotic pain relief medication, there are a large array of potential side effects. If these medications are used over a long period of time, their negative side effects can often outweigh the short term pain relief provided. On the other hand, chiropractic treatment has almost no negative side effects. According to The Survival Doctor, “

  • For short-term back pain, some studies have shown that chiropractic can be as effective as or more effective than conventional treatment.
  • For long-term back pain, a 2004 analysis published by the respected Cochrane Collaboration found that chiropractic adjustments were as good as but not better than other treatments like physical therapy, exercise or pain medication.”

In summary, routine spinal adjustments are effective at treating pain and enhancing the prospect of recovery, but other options such as exercise or physical therapy should be considered independently or in combination with chiropractic treatment.

Over Time Bones Misalign

Even individuals who exercise regularly may find that the bones in their spine fall into misalignment over time. When any of the 24 bones that make up the spine fall into misalignment, it can pinch, choke or irritate delicate nerve tissue. The pain caused by this may lead to a bad posture, furthering the development of more severe problems. Call our chiropractic clinic today to schedule a consultation.

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